A brain SPECT scan enables you to see your brain working and will help you and your family make an informed decision for proper treatment.
Choosing appropriate types of therapy will cause a real improvement in your neurological and behavioral well-being.
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Dr. Spect Scan

Let me ask you a question. Do you have a concern that your brain is not working right? Are you having trouble remembering things? Can’t function at work, can’t control your feelings, having headaches months after a concussion or are worried about autism or dementia in you or a loved one.

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What is a Spect Scan?

SPECT imaging is the most commonly available direct way to image the function of an organ or body system. At its most basic level, it is imaging of the biology and chemistry of the living cells in the body. The imaging procedure does not require patient alertness and cooperation other than remaining motionless during the scanning.

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